we integrate, configure, visualize and analyze social media & website data to achieve social media campaign goals.

Social media analytics is defined as the process of collecting unstructured data from social media platforms to derive valuable customer and behavioral insights that support critical business decision-making and social media campaigns.


Social Media Analytics - Key Objectives

Before tracking social media data, one has to have clear objectives set for expected outcomes to support your social media campaigns goals.

Testing Assumptions of Audience Behavior and Content

Analytics validates the pre-assumed factors considered during curation of consumer persona for structing social media campaigns. This validation can be accomplished by tracking and measuring the engagement of the audience.

To Measure the ROI of Social Media Marketing

Tracking your competitor’s social media activities helps you to not only analyze their social performance but also understand audience behavior toward particular content. This gives you an idea of what works and what does not in your domain. It also helps you learn about current market trends in your industry, which you can explore in your social media strategy.

To Support Critical Business Decision Making

Social media analysis reports are an essential resource that support critical business decision making. For example, analyzing market trends and audience reactions with sentiment analysis can influence new feature ideas for product upgrades. Social analytics also helps business leaders in decisions related to resource planning, budget allocation, and customer services.