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Upgrade Your Technology to Grow

Our Point of Sales solutions are powerful, yest easy to use, helping you run your business like never before.

Amazing Solutions

Biz Klinics provides business specific point of sales solutions to address specific business requirements for maximization of return on investment. 


Retail and restaurant owners choose Paradise POS and their innovative iPad POS software because it combines legacy POS system functions with the convenience and simplicity of the iPad interface.


With Table Service, Quick Service, Express, and Fast Bar, HotSauce is sure to have your restaurant’s needs covered, no matter which type you run. Get everything you need to succeed with HotSauce.


Cloud-based POS developed for salons and spas. Low upfront cost and monthly fee includes all hardware. This POS also comes with its own app to keep track of customers and transactions.


Effortlessly sell, manage, report and grow your retail business in every way with Vend’s unmatched POS, multi-outlet retail and inventory management system. Learn more about this today.

Restaurants & QSR

Mynt is an enterprise POS solution that’s perfect for restaurants and QSR’s requiring the most advanced features. It’s complete, right out the box.


Get CRM, management, and security plus 17,000 SKU’s, 25+ categories, 100+ features, and EMV readiness makes this the best liquor store POS.


No matter how your dispensary is set up, or how you process orders, POSaBIT Unlimited provides all the flexibility and functionality you need.

Dispensary + More

Designed for budtenders, delivery drivers and front desk personnel, the iPad & iPhone Dispensary POS app makes customer interactions easy.


Universal – Paradise POS

The POS Features You Want on an iPad Interface You Love

With many built-in features, Paradise POS allows you to serve your customers promptly and increases order accuracy, while providing management with various reporting tools to effectively manage your operation.

Paradise is a hybrid POS, meaning it’s a cloud and software-based system that works using an iPad. It’s perfect for small to mid-size retail, restaurants, and food trucks.

Simple and Easy to Use

Train employees quickly and get them on the sales or restaurant floor faster with Paradise POS.

Fast and Simple Checkout

Lightning fast and incredibly easy to operate, Paradise POS checkout will not slow you down.

Feature-Rich & Affordable

Don’t sacrifice functionality to save money. Get the best of both worlds with Paradise POS.

World-Class Customer Support

Paradise POS is backed by 24/7 IT support. Our team is always available via phone or email.

Made with Your Restaurant in Mind

Restaurants – HotSauce POS

With Table Service, Quick Service, Express, and Fast Bar, HotSauce is sure to have your restaurant’s needs covered, no matter which type you run.

HotSauce™ Mission Control provides you with a centralized location for accessing all your REAL TIME reporting, labor scheduling and inventory needs, giving you more control over your business. Users of HotSauce™ Mission Control Solution, such as corporate executives, accountants, district managers or store managers, can instantly analyze single store information or perform comparative analysis across multiple locations – all without redundant, error-prone manual data entry.

Efficient Ordering

Easily manage the most complicated orders, whether you need to transfer tickets to other users, change tables, split checks, add discounts, update gratuity and taxes, or handle various other tasks.

Mobile POS

Powered by HotSauce™ Mobile POS APP, it is fully integrated on PAX A920 all-in-one payment terminal. This solution compliments your existing HotSauce™ POS services with Order & Pay-at-the-Table option, made possible by simple and intuitive user interface.

Table Tracking

Manage the tables in your restaurant to see which tables are occupied, which are vacant, and how many people are at each table. Table Timer – Perfect for Pool Halls, Buffets, Bowling Alleys etc.

Online Ordering

HotSauce™ Online Ordering service gives you the ability to have your own customizable store website with simple intuitive interface for ordering. Features including delivery, curbside pickup and order in advance, it is fully integrated with your existing HotSauce POS Terminal to streamline your service in a fast growing online market.

Menu Customization

Add, edit or remove menu items in real-time with a simple and intuitive interface. Organize your menu items, categories, choice sets, and modifiers to suit your restaurant.


EDGE is our innovative pricing solution that uses EPX and our many payment solutions to offer *near-zero processing fees for our merchants. By applying both a cash price and a card price to every item, EDGE allows you to treat every transaction as a cash transaction!

Kitchen Display System

HotSauce™ KDS is a reliable way to synchronize orders to the kitchen, it is an easy-to-install and easy-to-use solution to streamline your food preparation process.

Customer Database & Employee Management

Quickly view customers’ order history and personal information. Great for loyalty programs or for serving up the “regular.” Track hours worked, edit timesheets, calculate overtime, evaluate sales performance and manage security levels.

Made with Your Salon in Mind

Salons - Growthzilla POS

Cloud-based POS developed specifically for salons and spas. Growthzilla has a low upfront cost and monthly fee that includes all hardware. Growthzilla also comes with its own app to keep track of your customers and transactions, called Uzeli.

Take business in your own hands. Always stay informed with Uzeli's live app. Anytime. Anywhere

Online Appointments

Uzeli solves all your appointment problems. Can customers book an appointment online? Check! Unified calendar for online, phone, and in-store appointments? Check! Confirmations and reminders? Check! Saves trees and your time? Check!

Stylist Performance Reports

Uzeli creates transparency by managing the process from customer sign-up to check out. Uzeli helps you know your associates – both good and bad.

Text Message Marketing

You don’t have time to request phone numbers, organize them and license tools to send messages. Uzeli acquires customer’s phone numbers using an opt-in process. It analyzes customers preferences from their visits and enables salon owners to send targeted text messages.

Loyalty Rewards Program

More than 95% of customers participate in loyalty programs when empowered by Uzeli. Uzeli focuses on your customer’s experience at your salon and makes sure that they leave happy every visit.

POS Solution for multi-location

Restauants & QSR - Mynt POS

Mynt has been designed to make your life easier by providing an advanced, yet hihly affordable system that is easy to operate.

Mynt Enterprose is the most advanved turnkey POS solution for multi-location, franchise QSR's and traditional table service restaurants.

POS Solution for Liquor

Liquor – Retailcloud POS

Everything you need for your liquor store.
17,000 SKU’s
25+ Categories
100+ Features


Item Management

We make it so you can price your products in the quantities and packages that your customers need and want. • Case Breaks and Mix & Match Pricing
• Inventory Balances
• Multiple Units of Measure and SKU’s
• Shelf and Label Printing
• Inventory Balances


Customer reporting provides detail on Most Valuable Customer and what their purchase habits are so you can create better experiences for them.
• Email Marketing Campaign
• Customer Loyalty Program
• Preference Reporting


Create promotions based on categories, mix and match, or VIP club pricing. Discount and Coupon can be automatically rung up at the Point of Sale with override capability reserved for Managers. Reporting and Analysis allows you to review overall markdown percentages and success of the promotion.
• Quantity Based Discounting
• Category Level Discounts
• Time validation on discounts

POS Solution for Liquor

Retail w/App - Retailcloud

Powerful, simple to use tools to manage your restaurant or retail business. From POS, CRM, Loyalty Marketing, Time & Attendance with Real-Time Reporting & Sales Analytics to help you navigate your business

In-Store POS Solutions

Retail and Restaurant pos solutions to easily handle sales, with tools to enhance your customer’s in-store experience. Sync all your products and take your integrated eCommerce store live.

Better online experience

Easy setup, with a professional online presence. Enable pick up in-store, with set availability hours. Integrated with an in-store inventory.

Restaurant POS Solutions

Cloud-based Restaurant POS software to Manage take away, delivery & online orders with seamless order management, inventory and analytics.

Get KPI’s at your fingertips

Mobile app to provide real time sales info, analytics, top selling items and top customers. Available on Android and iOS (Apple devices).

Unlimited Freedom

Dispensary – POSaBIT All In One

POSTABIT Unlimited Gives You Unlimited Freedom
No matter how your dispensary is set up, how you process orders, the layout of your physical space, how you intake online orders, whether you accept curbside pickups, or how you structure your delivery program, POSaBIT Unlimited provides all the flexibility and functionality you need.


The Pocket POS allows your budtenders to meet your customers as they shop for product in your store. No longer will you have to wait until they reach the counter. This flexibility opens up a wide array of options for how you run your dispensary.

Online Ordering

Online ordering, fulfillment, and payment have never been easier with our Pocket POS. Don’t make your budtenders go back and forth between their point of sale on the retail floor and the back room where online orders are fulfilled. POSaBIT Unlimited streamlines the process.

Delivery & Mobile

The Pocket POS is fully mobile and an incredible option for your delivery drivers. No matter how you want to organize your delivery process, our POS and Payments solutions provide the flexibility to give your customers and your drivers a fantastic delivery experience.

Curbside Ordering

With the rapid increase in curbside ordering, the Pocket POS lets you take everything you need directly to the customer’s car. Take the orders, take the payments, and save a ton of time and effort.

POS Solution for Liquor

Dispensary + More- Blaze POS

Designed for budtenders, delivery drivers and front desk personnel, the iPad & iPhone Dispensary POS all makers customer interactions easy.

Speed Up Transactions

Use our Check-In app so customers can check themselves in!
Powerful integrations allow your dispenary to sell omni-channel with ease!
Process sales on your phone or desktop via the web or download our Dispensary POS iOS app.
Barcode integration support throughout the product life cycle. Scan a product into a PO, for an internal transfer, or scan a product for sale.

Sell Anywhere

Easily turn your website into an online storefront in less than 5 minutes.
Have your members sign up and place orders through your website.
Send automated texts with order status and tracking link.
Works with all websites including WordPress, SquareSpace, HTML5 and more!

Our Dispensary POS software makes multi-location management easy.
Use our iOS and Android Driver app to scan products from the phone, accept and track inventory & access manifests.
Our marijuana dispensary retail app makes check in a breeze; Use our Check-In app to let customers add themselves to the queue!
Micro-businesses can transfer between locations within seconds!
Manage your seed to sale business in one platform to move product seamlessly through the supply chain.

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