We Help Brands to Reach the Right Audiences at Right Time

Are you looking for new ways to increase digital sales for your business? How about generating new highly qualified leads to sell more of your products or services? Or, maybe you are just looking to grow your brand, and your organic efforts just don’t seem to be accomplishing your goals.

We help you build and implement new PPC campaigns and accounts with a monitoring mechanism. We update and manage large sets of data regularly to help us measure and report on a range of pre-defined KPIs. We work very closely with key stakeholders to support their business targets, in line with the team’s priorities. We continuously discover new opportunities through competitor activity monitoring and make recommendations to improve overall performance that further drives efficiencies. We comply with all compliances and regulations and ensure the best technologies are in action.


Most common PPC marketing challenges that marketers face

Data & Reporting

We leverage data to define success of our future campaigns by learning more aboyut our target markets. We deploy tools to measure metrics and share regular reports with business stakeholders. We keep ahead in our game through continuouly updating our 1st party data to predict consumer behaviour.

Strong Mobile Optimization

Mobile devices account for over half (53%) of clicks on search ads. When it comes to smart phones we use bid modifiers based on how the ads perform, helping to improve ROI. We grab the attention with interative content designed for mobile-first user.

Understanding Local Audiences

We keep a very targeted approch for promoting businesses in local communitities to drive tarffic and conversions. Our location-based marketing approach enables organizations to target consumers with personalized, granular messaging that is based on their physical location.

Right PPC Channels

Be it any ads format like search, social media, display, re-targetiing, marketplace or other PPC ads network we align our objectives in line with the business goals to maximize results. We work with popular PPC networks to achive our goals based on budgets, target audiences and placements.


For Success

Google Ads

Google Ads Management Services

Google Ads

Are you looking for Google Adwords Specialist?

We provide an in-depth audit and come up with suggestions that include Ads, Extensions, Bids & Budget, Device Bid Adjustments, Negative keyword analysis and Keyword research.

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Facebook Ads

FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM Ads Management Services

Are you looking for Facebook ads manager expert?

If you looking for the best Facebook Ads strategies to increase your ROI vis-a-vis profits. You are at the right place. We will set up and/or optimize your ads, you'll have complete control over your spending and bidding once we've built everything out for you.

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LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads Management Services

Linkedin Biz Klinics

Are you looking for LinkedIn ads manager expert?

We create Linkedin ad campaigns to enable businesses to generate leads and sales they require to grow their business quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can provide you with a high-level audit of your AdWords account which will identify issues that need to be fixed, and opportunities to improve your performance.

Yes, we set performance KPIs for each stage of your funnel (REACH, LEADS and SALES) quarterly/monthly. These are tracked and reported on to ensure we are delivering to our goals.

We measure ROI as Profit / (Ad Spend Cost + Marketing Services Cost).

Sure can, in fact if it’s a new account we should be able to throw in $100 worth of Ad credit.

 We can use the free Google Call tracking or a more comprehensive call tracking solution that can be used across your digital strategy such as Facebook Ads, your website, email, offline campaigns etc.

You will have access to our exclusive reporting dashboard detailed exactly how your campaigns are performing against predetermined KPI’s. Scheduled PDF reports are also available depending on your preferences.

Believe it or not, the success of your Adwords advertising campaign can most easily be won or lost in the planning and build phase. It’s what separates the PROS from the amateurs. We spend the time necessary to do the keyword research, competitive research, landing page research, then granularly build your campaign and ad copy. We allocate 2-4 weeks for the setup, depending on the complexity of the strategy.


We wouldn’t have it any other way. We connect our Management account to your AdWords account. And if you don’t have one We’ll setup an adwords account and optimize it.

Indeed, you’d be crazy not to leverage every feature that increases the Click Through Rate (CTR).

We have optimization activities for every week of the month. We also know that tinkering too frequently can be as harmful as not doing anything. All are optimisation actions are backed by data and analysis.

Some agencies do but that’s not how we roll. You pay for your Ad spend directly from the source – Google Or Bing so no markup is applied.


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