Are you finding it tough to attract new diners & online orders for your restaurant? We have helped our clients to achieve 10X growth through our digital solution offerings.

What You'll Achieve

Grow Your Restaurant Exponentially

Onset of the pandemic, with more than 110,000 restaurants closed permanently in the US alone and many more no longer serving indoor dining, its time to change the strategy.

Digital Growth Hacking

We make your restaurant market itself through creative marketing techniques & memorable social media campaigns. 

Multi-Channel Acquisition

We help you to implement the new sales and marketing channels generating revenues through online ordering & table bookings. 

Localized Marketing

We leave no stone unturned to get your restaurant discovered across online searches on mobile, voice & web. 

Create Data Gold Mine

We collect & clean your  existing customer data and integrate it with our marketing campaigns to achieve 10X growth. 

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Research & Planning

As US restaurant industry is coming back on track with new and re-opening of outlets building towards the road of recovery, it is now more relevant for restaurant owners to conduct in-depth market research.

Get Competitive Advantage

Conducting a business & marketing research helps you to answer some critical questions to be market competitive. It will not only help you to understand the market better for enhancing front of house performance but also helps you to understand your business better to improve your bottom line (cost centers).

What You'll Achieve


Online Web Platform - Mobile First

Restaurants must adopt digital transformation to stay competitive and retain customers through a digital experience.

Unified Experience

Most restaurant owners underestimate the power of the website and the gamut of features/services they can offer with transaction value to increase the business revenue. We help restaurants to convert an information based website into a transactional platform delivering diners a secured & easy to use mobile experience.

Platform Features


Digital Marketing

In the restaurant industry, branding has become essential in communicating and showcasing your business to diners. Digital marketing helps you to showcase your brand to the target audiences and inform them about your products and services to build identity and credibility to be your next customer.

A 360° Digital Marketing Strategy

Understanding your diner plays a vital role in strategy creation

1. We identify the digital channels useful for your business.
2. Which platforms diners are using the most?
3. What is your diner's journey to your website?
4. How do you follow up and track diners once they visit your website?
5. How do you get feedback and post dining reviews?

We curate attention-grabbing digital content that inspire them to order and visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Top reasons for restaurant failure?

Bad Experience 
Complex Menu
No Marketing
Bad Location 

High Rentals 

No Reporting 

No Analysis

How can I attract more diners?



Enticing Promos 

Loyalty Program


Social Media Coverage

Cutomer Communication

How to Calculate ROI in Digital Marketing?

ROI = (Net Profit/Total Cost)*100

Cost Per Lead

Cost Per Acquisition

Return on Ad Spend

Avg Order Value

Lead-to-Close Ratio

Unique Monthly Visitors

How much to invest in restaurant marketing?

% of Gross Annual Revenue


New Restaurant:


Established & Growing:


Stagnant or Decline:





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