It's the time now to get over recorded negative budgets and losing revenues by bridging the communications with your customers digitally with online experience.

What You'll Achieve

Changing Strategy

The 2021 study captured the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on the US Spa Industry in 2020, including its effect on revenues and spa visits, both of which fell by more than 35 per cent.

Digital Growth Hacking

We will boost your center’s online presence across marketing platforms. This enhance the local search results and increases new appointments. 

Personalized Marketing

Our personalized communication and marketing approach helps centers in gaining new clients and re-engaging with the past ones. 

Gain Online Reputation

Our reputation management service is highly incredibly proactive, and includes tactics to acquire great reviews & ratings. 

Create Data Gold Mine

We effectively use transactional level data and convert it into a gold mine and achieve more reach and conversions with loyalty programs.

Our Works


For Success


Research & Planning

Spas have worked tirelessly to continue safely serving guests, and recent indications of exceptionally high demand leave us confident in a strong recovery throughout 2022 and beyond. Now is the time to emphasize sales or promotions to accelerate sales.


Conducting a business & marketing research helps you to answer some critical questions to be market competitive. It will not only help you to understand the market better for enhancing top-line results but also helps you to understand your business better to improve your bottom line.

Knowing Your Business


Online Web Platform - Mobile First

Spa centers must adopt digital transformation to stay competitive through process & payment automation and provide guests a digital experience to build trust and credibility with seamless experience.

The Digital Patient Experience

Most center owners underestimate the power of the website and the gamut of features/services they can offer with transaction value to increase the business's top line. We help centers in converting an information based website to transactional based platform to deliver guests a secured & easy to use digital experience.

What platform offer


Digital Marketing

In the spa and wellness industry, branding has become essential in communicating and showcasing your services to guests. Digital marketing helps you to showcase your brand to the target audiences and inform them about your programs & their benefits to build credibility to persuade them to book an appointment.

A 360° Digital Marketing Strategy

Understanding your guests plays a vital role in strategy creation

1. We identify the digital channels useful for your business.
2. Which platforms customers are using the most?
3. What's the guest journey to the website?
4. How do you follow up and track guests once they visit your website?
5. How do you get feedback post therapy session?

We curate attention-grabbing messages & posts that inspire them to book an appointment.

What we offer